A dragonwrought Kobold and leader of the former Black Talon. He lives in the tunnels under Sarkel ruling over his extended family of Kobolds. Known as Broadwing in common he will do whatever it takes to protect his clan. At one point this involved him making a pact with Tiamat for assistance. She blessed him with a set of five daggers, each representing a breed of her children and keyed to the element of her breath weapons. She also guided a black dragon whelp to him to raise.

Relations with Rising Dawn

Needing food for his kin Hisshank, under Tiamat’s influence, begin to steal from the surrounding outposts and villages. He was going from a nuisance to a full blown threat when the party was asked to look into the dissapearance of some pigs in the quest The Meat of Kings. The party killed the dragon whelp and awoke the spirit in Ux Cayosin breaking Tiamat’s hold over the kobold. Through negotiation, the party has created a truce between the Kobold settlement and the outpost of Rising Dawn.

Relations with Naktarthosi

Looking for another dragon patron, the party introduced Hisshank to Naktarthosi.


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